Get your photos developed and film processed by Ferndown Photogrpahics. Colour Film Processing Prices available on all photo sizes, film developing of camera films

Film Developing & Printing

Please note we no longer process films in store.

Films are processed locally and we can now offer slide film, black and white and 120 (medium format) processing (please call for details).

Films are collected during the week and delivered to the lab on Saturdays and are normally returned the following Thursday/Friday although scans/prints are usually available by late Tuesday/Wednesday. Fulfillment times are subject to variations (120,slide and black & white films do take longer to process).

Scan only: onto CD or DVD or emailed via £6.00 (no prints/develop only).

6 x 4 1 – 27 prints – £10.99 28 – 39 prints – £12.99
7 x 5 1 – 27 prints – £13.99 28 – 39 prints – £14.99