Provide Ferndown Photographics with your cine reel(s) and we use our digital imaging specialists to extract the film, we then send you a DVD back with the original cine transfer film on.

Cine film and Video Transfer

Memories forever

Transfer your treasured memories from video or cine to DVD (now includes free MP4 version – ON REQUEST/IF REQUIRED).

Open reel audio and standard audio cassette to CD (copyright may apply)

Cine Transfer to DVD

All cine film is cleaned of dust, colour and density corrected where possible.

We do not offer a two tier service

All our transfers are of the highest standards

Cine Transfer to DVD

Reel Size Price

Minimum Charge £50.00 – 50ft £12.00 200ft £35.00 400ft £45.00 600ft £65.00 800ft £85.00

Titles up to 12 words £12.00 Music per hour £10.00

NOTE: Prices shown for Reg/Super 8.

For 16mm add 30%, 9.5mm add 100% to 8mm prices.
Smaller 16mm & 9.5mm reels will be spliced on to larger reels. 9.5mm may be returned on 16mm spools. There is no option to not splice due to operational reasons.

We can not transfer sound from Reg8, Sound from Super 8 is not guaranteed

VHS/Camcorder tapes to DVD

Price per tape – £20.00 NOW INCLUDES MP4 FILE, ON REQUEST/IF REQUIRED, AT NO EXTRA COST (Quantity discount for 10 + tapes – please call for details).

We can also put converted MP4 files on to customers USB memory sticks if there’s enough space or you can purchase USB memory sticks from us.

Terms & Disclaimer:

  • For optimum quality we put a maximum of 2 hours onto 1 DVD. This means a full 3 hour (E180) VHS tape will be split over two DVDs.
  • We cannot copy films, TV programmes or other tapes you do not have permission to copy.
  • We reserve the right not to transfer a tape for any reason, whether it is due, in our opinion, to the condition of the tape, the content or doubt that you have permission.
  • Once we have supplied your DVD(s) we do not keep any copies. Any additional copies required after conversion will therefore be charged at the full conversion/duplication rates.
  • We take the greatest care of your tapes, however any liability for damage (as tapes age, they become brittle and can snap for example) or loss of materials or content which may occur during the conversion process will be limited to the replacement of the blank media, however caused. We do not accept any liability for the contents within the recording.