Restoration of your favourite prints

Restoration of your favourite prints

Revive old memories

1. Removing wrinkles, red-eye or colour casts, converting colour pictures to black and white or sepia, correcting faded colours and improving contrast.

2. Removing minor scratches ‘opening’ closed eyes, straightening verticals, removing simple background objects, adding a vignette.

3. Removing extensive scratches, torn corners, creases, (biro) marks (but not over faces) removing more complex background objects and colour ‘tinting’ old photographs.

4. Repairing torn/taped pictures, reconstruction of damaged facial features, change the background, inserting or removing people and complex objects, or changing object colours.

We are happy to discuss any imaging requirements not described above, for example; joining photographs to create a panorama , add graphics or text, and creating portrait caricatures. We can also produce black & white & sepia prints from colour prints, negatives & digital media.

Price Guide
Level 1 £6 – £8 (Basic tidy up/repair) Level 2 £20 – £30 Level 3 £35 – £45 Level 4 £50.00+

Restoration of your favourite prints