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sublimation t-shirts

White printed t-shirts – Design your own or let us do it for you in store.

The Xpres Brand of Subli Plus T-Shirts has changed. The new style T-Shirts are a lighter weight, slightly thiner than the previous t-shirt yet still provide excellent image transfer with sublimation inks. These have much more of a cotton warm feeling to them and are an excellent mix of fibres for sublimation transfer, although now made of 100% polyester.

These Subli Plus t-shirts have all the feel of a good quality and ensure the sublimation inks bond permanently with the fibres for vibrant, permanent colour image reproduction.

The Subli Plus T (Xpres) Range of T-shirts are available in the following sizes…

Adult Small chest size 102cmAdult Medium chest size 107cmAdult Large chest size 112cm
Adult X Large chest size 117cm

Adult XXL chest size 122cm